Ashley Lawton

Adult Learners' Week Transformation Fund Award
Yorkshire and the Humber

Ashley’s study of music technology since his release from prison has helped his transition back into society. He attended Sine FM’s Higher Rhythm facility to learn new skills, including DJ’ing, music production and media, which has seen him gain an NCFE Introductory Award in Music Technology and move on to study for the full award.

Alongside this, Ashley is developing his recording skills by collaborating with other learners to record and produce a piece of music, and is working with a film director on a video for the music. Ashley is currently on probation and living in a hostel in Doncaster, but shows great enthusiasm for learning new music skills.

“Ashley has made tremendous progress in such a short space of time and has adapted in terms of attitude and commitment to fit in,” said nominator, Alex. Ashley is putting his skills to use whilst continuing to learn by showcasing his DJ skills in regular slots on  Sine FM, as well as DJ’ing at local venues to gain experience.