Sarah Bowker

Individual Regional Awards
East Midlands

Sarah injured her spine in a riding accident in 2003 and lost her job as a night HGV driver, which left her feeling depressed and uninterested in life. After seeing an advert for a basic computer course at a local college, Sarah decided to enrol and, although she almost didn’t turn up to the first class, it became the start of her learning journey.

Despite not knowing how to switch on a computer, Sarah passed the desktop publishing course and subsequent courses in Word and text processing and a CLAIT Diploma, then Literacy Level 1 and a GCSE in English. It was her personal experience of counselling following the accident that gave Sarah an interest in studying the subject, and she has progressed from Level 1 and is currently studying for a Level 4 Diploma in counselling skills.

“I hope one day to qualify and make a difference to someone’s life,” said Sarah.

Her nominator, Dave, added, “Sarah is a truly astonishing person. She has no academic background... and yet she has huge drive and ambition, a determination to make the most of her opportunities and develop new skills.”

Award Winner - Sarah Bowker
“I hope one day to qualify and make a difference to someone’s life.”
Sarah Bowker, 2010 Award Winner