Simon Gilkes

Individual Regional Awards
North West

As part of his treatment for anxiety and depression, Simon was referred to Bolton College and reluctantly agreed to enrol on a literacy course for students with mental health issues. At first, Simon didn’t think the course would make any difference to his wellbeing, but he gradually began to talk to other students and started to act as a mentor.

Since starting at college 18 months ago, Simon has achieved passes in English and Maths Levels 1 and 2, and Level 2 in Advocacy, Volunteering And Disability Awareness. He has also completed other courses including First Aid,  Computer Skills, Outdoor Activities and Art. Simon is now a volunteer at the college and helps a small group of learners with learning difficulties and mental ill health. He said, “I enjoy learning new things, it gives me a sense of achievement when I pass a course... I hope to continue learning at college with a view to getting a job... I can now see that there is a future for me.”

Award Winners
“I can now see that there is a future for me.”
Simon Gilkes, 2010 Award Winner