Stephen Welyczko

Individual Regional Awards
East Midlands

Stephen enjoyed a successful career until both his parents died suddenly, which, along with job loss and financial problems, caused him to become depressed. In 2008, he joined Learn2B and completed ‘Journey to Wellbeing’, ‘Pens not Pills’ and Anger Management courses, which assisted his recovery.

Becoming physically active helped lift Stephen’s depression too, when he joined ‘Man Alive’ and learned about healthy living, losing 10% of his body weight through a lifestyle change. Stephen took up cycling again after 34 years and is now a qualified National Standard Cycling Instructor, and has also completed an initial lifelong learning teaching qualification.

He is also active in his local community doing valuable work for Semilong Community Forum and the Castle CASPAR Neighbourhood Renewal Project. Initially a student with Learn2B, Stephen now aims to use his qualifications as a tutor at the project. In 2010 he hopes to manage a new cycling training co-operative, and will continue studying an HE Certificate in Creative Writing at the University of Leicester.

“Learning has certainly transformed my life and opened new doors,” ended Stephen.

Award Winners
“Learning has certainly transformed my life and opened new doors.”
Stephen Welyczko, 2010 Award Winner