Terence Ferreira

Regional Senior Learner of the Year

Having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and many of the symptoms of someone on the autistic spectrum, Terence found it difficult to enter a classroom and interact with other students. However, his participation in ‘Dance Dynamics’ classes has given Terence a newfound confidence. Just a year of attending dance classes resulted in Terence dancing solo at an open day, with staff said to have been ‘blown away’ by his performance and the journey he had made. His increase in confidence meant Terence has also progressed in literacy and numeracy and is currently studying for an NCFE Level 3 Award for Making Progress.

"His whole demeanour changes when he dances – it is as if dancing opens doors for him to discover his own personality,” commented Elaine, his nominator. Terence added, “When I dance I get inspiration and confidence... My senior tutor has been largely responsible for encouraging me to try new things and I’m grateful to him for suggesting I try Dance Dynamics. It is my favourite class.”

Award Winner - Terence Ferreira
“When I dance I get inspiration and confidence.”
Terence Ferreira, 2010 Award Winner