2014 National Award Winners

Regional Winners

Transforming Lives Awards Winners

European Social Fund Individual Award

  • Melanie Tomkinson Photo
    Watch video Melanie Tompkinson
    South West
    My confidence is growing every day and I hope that, in time, I will be able to draw on my own bad experiences to help others.

European Social Fund National Project Award

  • Bad Boys' Bakery Photo
    Watch video Bad Boys' Bakery
    The Bakery has led me to a better position in life and I can now support my family and daughter without making the mistakes of crime I had previously.

European Social Fund National Young Adult Learner Award

  • Jordan George Photo
    Watch video Jordan George
    South West
    I've always been interested in food and wanted to turn my life around – the Fifteen Cornwall Apprenticeship seemed perfect.

President's Award

Young Adult Learner of the Year National Award

  • Amy King Photo
    Watch video Amy King
    The work I do now greatly inspires me to help girls who have had the same experiences as me, to become not just doctors and nurses, but successful individuals.

Young Adult Learner of the Year National Finalist

  • David Ian Simpson Photo
    Watch video David Ian Simpson
    North West
    In the upcoming years I hope to keep on growing my business whilst keeping to the same high standards I have been taught.

Young Adult Learner of the Year National Finalist

  • Max Bennett Photo
    Watch video Max Bennett
    South West
    Gaining qualifications and positive recognition as I go is going to help me achieve my goal.

Senior Learner of the Year Award

  • Robert Nott Photo
    Watch video Robert Nott
    South East
    None of the knowledge acquired has been wasted, for barely a day passes on which my help is not requested.

Senior Learner of the Year National Finalist

  • Anne Higgins Photo
    Watch video Anne Higgins
    North West
    Ann Bates (the tutor) brought me out of myself. She inspired me to put stuff on paper that had been in my heart.

Senior Learner of the Year National Finalist

  • Benson Langley Photo
    Watch video Benson Langley
    East of England
    What I am doing has given me a sense of self-worth both at home and in the workplace, proving that age is no barrier.

National Employer Award

  • Topps Tiles PLC Photo
    Watch video Topps Tiles PLC
    My Apprenticeship has not only given me a massive boost to my morale and confidence, it has also pushed me to test myself more and take on the Advanced Apprenticeship.

National Employer Award

  • British Army Photo
    Watch video The British Army
    I love the Army because it has helped me build my confidence, develop good team spirit and has taught me solid core values which are very important today.

Learning for Work National Project Award

Learning for Work National Individual Award

  • Nicholas Higson Photo
    Watch video Nicholas Higson
    West Midlands
    Learning a new trade at my age has made me realise that I can do anything. The world’s my oyster.

Learning for Work National Apprentice Award

  • Sarah Vernon Photo
    Watch video Sarah Vernon
    East Midlands
    Completing the apprenticeship has given me confidence at both a personal and career level and I fully intend to continue learning.

Learning in Families and Communities National Individual Award

  • Nurun Nahar Zorna-Hoque Photo
    Watch video Nurun Nahar Zorna-Hoque
    I know that I have come a long way, but the best part is knowing that I can go even further, that my journey has only just begun.

Learning in Families and Communities National Project Award

Family Learning National Project Award

Learning Life Skills National Project Award

  • ESOL Online Photo
    Watch video ESOL ONline
    East of England
    Because of this course I have now written a CV in English and have found a new job that makes me a lot happier.

Learning Life Skills National Individual Award

  • Watch video Stephen Harbour
    South East
    Learning as a mature student has made me realise that teaching would be a wonderful career to follow.