Learning for Work

Most adults say their workplace is the best place for them to learn.

Adult Learners’ Week provides employers and unions with a unique opportunity to plan, run and celebrate learning events to engage more and different people in learning. It is a chance to motivate more staff to take part in learning and celebrate learning achievements, through the Adult Learners' Week awards, in order to inspire others.

The biggest cost to a business is usually staffing. Adult learning is one of the tools you can use to help develop your staff and maintain their effectiveness. Adult learners are also more motivated workers if they feel that they are being invested in with learning opportunities or skills training.

Learning can lead to:

  • Increased applications for training and internal promotion
  • Improved quality standards and customer satisfaction rates
  • Improved confidence levels of report writing, sending emails, and contributing in meetings
  • Enhanced clarity of reports, accident report forms and other workplace paperwork
  • Fewer errors involving numeracy
  • Increased participation in development or suggestion schemes
  • Raised morale.

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