Learning through Technology and Innovation


You can tour the world on your lap top, or visit distant friends. What do you want to know? Where do you want to go? Just push the button.

Have you thought about learning online?

Find out the many ways you can learn online and where to start by clicking on the image to download the Go Online leaflet [pdf].

For more information and support on the Learning through Technology and Innovation theme please contact:

Theme Leaders - Alastair Clark (alastair.clark@niace.org.uk) and Susan Easton (susan.easton@niace.org.uk)

Campaigns Officer - Silvia Errington (silvia.errington@niace.org.uk)


  UK online centres is proud to support Adult Learners' Week. At UK online centres we're passionate about helping people to develop digital skills and enjoy the many benefits of getting online. We work with 4,500 community centres across England and support a network of more than 20,000 volunteer Digital Champions who help offline people to gain skills and confidence with computers and the internet. Adult Learners’ Week is a perfect opportunity to hold events which support people to go online. We encourage all our centres and volunteers to run events and activities for Adult Learners' Week in their local communities. Visit http://learn.go-on.co.uk/ for some learning resources you could use.

JISC Advance is proud to continue sponsorship of  Adult Learners’ Week. Supporting learning through innovation, one of the key ALW themes this year, is central to our work.

We help organisations to get the most from technology through practical tools, helpdesks, workshops and consultancy services.We provide assistance with planning, managing and using technologies in the post-16 education sector and beyond.  For further information, please see our website www.jiscadvance.ac.uk .

Two of our Advisory Services are actively involved in supporting ALW 2012:
JISC TechDis and the JISC Regional Support Centres.

JISC TechDis, a leading UK advisory service on technologies for inclusion, is always fully committed to supporting Adult Learners’ Week.

We know that used effectively, technology can increase accessibility in learning and teaching. This matters because around one in seven working age adults have some sort of disability (Family Resources Survey, 2008/09).

We support providers with advice and guidance on inclusive practices to ensure that learners with differing needs are not excluded from the valuable opportunities adult learning provides.

By working together we can all make a bigger difference – accessible learning for all.


The JISC Regional Support Centres (RSCs) are a JISC Advance Advisory Service. We offer a wide range of knowledge and expertise to help Adult Learning providers improve the learner experience through best use of technology. RSCs believe that Adult Learner's Week is a fantastic opportunity for people to experience some of the brilliant courses on offer and to have a go at learning through technologies. For example, many providers have online Virtual Learning Environments which enable learners to engage with their course at any time of the day or week. Social media and networks are being used to build online learning communities, extending the class sessions and encouraging learners to create their own learning activities. There are lots of great online resources produced for adult learning. Technology can improve access to learning and, better still, it makes learning even more fun!

RSCs are a national support network, uniquely tailoring advice in response to local needs. For more information contact your RSC through the link below:


Adult Learners’ Week is a great campaign that Race Online 2012 is proud to support. Digital skills are now vital for education and employment: we know that adults are 25% more likely to get work with web skills, and will you'll earn 10% more when employed. Our figures show that 4m of the 8.4m UK adults who have never used the internet are from the hardest-to-reach groups, so supporting adults to build their digital skills is more important than ever. http://raceonline2012.org/

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