2015 National Award Winners

  • Adele Tilley photo

    Patron's Award

    Watch video Adele Tilley
    You only have to talk to Adele to realise what an inspirational ambassador she is for adult learning.
  • Outstanding Individual Award

    Watch video Lee Hughes
    I stumbled into adult learning by accident, but I’d scream it from the rooftops if I thought I could get one person like me to go through the doors and back into education.”

  • Outstanding Individual Finalist

    Watch video Ishenaisu Ntaibu
    Coming to college has helped me make friends, build relationships and improve my communication skills.
  • Outstanding Individual Finalist

    Watch video John Pierre-Madigan
    The sharing of knowledge is why education is powerful and I am so pleased to be a part of that.
  • Outstanding Individual Finalist

    Watch video Vera Benfield
    London and South East
    These ballet classes have made me realise anything is possible at any age.

  • European Social Fund Outstanding Individual Award

    Watch video Andrea Sanders
    My heart swells knowing I will amount to something…
  • European Social Fund National Young Adult Learner Award

    Watch video Katie Crisp
    South West
    I am very proud of myself for achieving so much, only at the age of 19 and all before my daughter turned one. Thanks to my education I have been given the chance to get back on my feet and keep achieving.

  • Digital Learning Award

    Watch video Keith Rogers
    London and South East
    Teaching has had a huge impact on my life. It has made me much more confident and given me enormous belief in myself.
  • National Employer Award

    Watch video Screwfix
    Screwfix is a great enabler, it has made me a better, more confident person…
  • National Employer Finalist

    Watch video Canley Food Packers
    Once we got started and I realised I was okay to ask for help and I didn’t have to panic, I actually started to enjoy it!

  • National Employer Finalist

    Watch video ZF Lemforder UK LTD
    By taking on the new learning experiences available to me at ZFL, I now have the confidence to grasp all of the opportunities that may come my way.
  • Learning for Work National Individual Award

    Watch video Jami Blythe
    [Adult learning] has allowed me to develop and grow into a more confident, open-minded and imaginative professional.
  • Young Adult Learner of the Year National Award

    Watch video Mohamed Mahyoub
    Education can help you develop and turn your weaknesses into strengths…

  • National Project Finalist

    Watch video Money House
    London and South East
    Since doing the Money House Project I have now been living independently a year and I have also got myself an Apprenticeship. The project built my confidence much more than I thought it would and I will be forever grateful for that.

  • Tutor of the Year Award

    Watch video Karen Scott
    Ignorance is very powerful - but education and knowledge are more powerful.
  • Joan Murray photo

    Tutor of the Year Finalist

    Watch video Joan Murray
    To be able to pass on the vast range of ideas and knowledge I had gained in a sensitive and exciting way was important to me. Whether the students go on to university, related jobs or jobs in other places, they have had life-enhancing experiences and the feedback always underlines this!
  • Tutor of the Year Finalist

    Watch video Bernadette King
    I learnt for the first time that I wasn’t stupid and had the ability to learn and develop skills.