Herbert Goredema

NOCN Learning for Work Award
South East

As the lowest-ranking soldier on a Foundation Degree course, Herbert Goredema is among the highest achievers in the class of ten, which includes top-flight officers in the Army, RAF and Navy, studying Hospitality and Food Service Management.

A self-confessed technophobe, 34-year-old Corporal Goredema studied entirely through distance learning using Westminster Kingsway College’s virtual learning environment. He was praised by Clare Mannall, his nominator and college team leader, for using his IT skills in very challenging circumstances.

Stationed in Kenya with only 30 minutes Internet access a day, he won special permission to sit a two-hour finance exam online, only to have the system crash halfway through.

Clare said, “Undeterred, Herbie came back the next day and completed the exam and got excellent marks too. He beat all his colleagues in terms of grades and showed them you can study full-time and work fulltime without getting behind.”

He is now used by the Army to encourage other junior ranks to sign up for degree studies. Herbie, who is now hoping to continue on to a Masters Degree, said, “They say knowledge is power and it’s only true when you have the knowledge. This course has improved my reading skills, confidence, knowledge and computer skills, to mention only a few.”

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“They say knowledge is power and it’s only true when you have the knowledge.”
Herbert Goredema, 2010 Award Winner

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