Anna Davies

European Social Fund
North West

Anna left school with no qualifications and, despite returning to college to gain GCSEs, completing an Access course and starting a degree, her hopes of becoming a nurse were dashed when a Criminal Records Bureau check highlighted a conviction from her teens.

Despite working hard to turn her life around, the mother-of-two still had no employment history, little experience and a criminal record. She lost all motivation and confidence. Then, she was introduced to Working Links, where she completed a skills check and gained CV and interview skills.

Part-funded by the European Social Fund, she went on to gain a range of qualifications in Care including First Aid, Manual Handling, Health and Safety and Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults. She has now turned a corner, gaining a job as a care support worker. Recently she won ‘the employee of the month’ award. “I’m in a job I love and I’m learning new skills,” she says. “But most of all, my children and family are proud as I have been able to turn my life around.”


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“I’m in a job I love and I’m learning new skills.”
Anna Davies, 2011 Award Winner

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