Learn & Share, Coventry

Community Learning Champions Awards
West Midlands

Learning Champions in Coventry have been helping mental health service users learn interviewing techniques using film, while others are getting residents involved in a community food-growing scheme. These are just two of the projects supported by Learn and Share, run by Groundwork West Midlands.

Champions are recruited from the most deprived areas and many have only recently got back into learning. “This is partially what equips them to support others,” says Sarah Laughton, Essential Skills Officer. “They understand the barriers people face on their learning journey and the feelings associated with this.”

Stephanie, 20, lived at Foyer sheltered accommodation. As a CLC, she is working with other residents, including a young woman who is developing her photography skills. “The biggest difference our work together has made is to her confidence; before we started working together she thought of college as ‘unattainable’ but now has faith in her abilities.”

Twenty-three CLCs have recruited 500 learners through Groundwork’s partnerships with neighbourhood community and women’s groups, faith organisations, libraries, school parent groups and community events.


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“They understand the barriers people face on their learning journey.”
Learn & Share, Coventry, 2011 Award Winner