Lorraine Pearson

Learning through Arts, Craft Skills or Culture

Lorraine had dedicated her life to caring for her five children, so when her youngest started nursery in 2004, Lorraine started studying at City and Islington College to prove to herself that she wasn’t stupid. She began her studies by completing an IT Flexit course and then continued onto an Access course in Psychology and Anthropology. Whilst studying on the Access course, Lorraine enrolled on a Ceramics course and completed levels 1 and 2 NOCN and BTEC Ceramics courses and is soon to complete an Advanced Level Ceramics course. Lorraine voluntarily assists in Ceramics classes and runs pottery workshops at her local primary school. She hopes to progress to a teacher training course so that she can get the formal qualifications that will enable her to teach.

With the recent purchase of a kiln, Lorraine also plans to start a business to provide pottery workshops. “I cannot emphasise enough how my life has changed due to my studies,” said Lorraine, who has also recently lost twelve stones in weight. “Now my confidence has improved even more, and it’s all due to my first day at college,” she ended.

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“I cannot emphasise enough how my life has changed due to my studies.”
Lorraine Pearson, 2011 Award Winner

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