NOCN Learning for Work Award
North West

Merseylearn is the product of a ground-breaking partnership between Merseytravel and a number of trade unions, to support the development of skills in the transport sector. Supported by unionlearn, Merseytravel set up workplace learning centres, employed dedicated tutors in Skills for Life and ICT, and created a network of trained Union Learning Representatives.

Merseytravel’s flexible approach allows learners on different shifts to access tutor support at weekends and overnight. 96 per cent of staff have reached level 2 or above, with 53 per cent at level 3 or above. This learning culture has reduced sickness and complaints, boosted morale, increased internal promotions and boosted the organisation’s reputation as a skills champion. Merseytravel has become the first public sector organisation to receive Investors in People Champion status. Merseylearn also works with GoSkills, transport’s Sector Skills Council, to upskill other transport staff. Taxi and bus qualifications have been delivered in partnership with commercial providers, with over 6,000 drivers gaining recognised qualifications.

The organisation also has a trained team who deliver Next Step information, advice and guidance to staff and those across the sector, improving access to learning and career development opportunities and supporting employment.

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“96 per cent of staff have reached level 2 or above, with 53 per cent at level 3 or above.”
Merseylearn, 2011 Award Winner

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