Moya Rooke

Senior Learner Awards
East Midlands

A home-study computing course helped 65-year-old Moya Rooke restart her creative writing career despite severe disability with Parkinson’s disease. Self-conscious of the shaking caused by her disability she did not want to attend college for fear of making repeated mistakes. Lacking all self confidence, she depended on others if anything went wrong.

But one-to-one home instruction through the NewLink Project home visits improved her confidence to such a degree, says David Hall, course co-ordinator, that “she agreed to give a presentation in front of a large crosscounty gathering which celebrated both learner and tutor achievements.”

Since completing the course she trades on eBay, uploads photographs and organises files. She is now reworking plays, monologues, short stories and poems and has embarked on writing a six-episode sitcom.

“I think any learning experience is life enhancing and what I have learned has opened up a whole new world for me and I would urge anyone who gets the chance to get a place on this course to seize the opportunity with both hands.”